December 9, 2016

When you respond to a job ad

I've been doing some recruitment last several months and there are important things that I thought would be useful to know for people who are responding to an job ad. All of those are pretty logical but, for some reason, people are not trying to think a little.

  1. Read the job description, twice!

  2. Ask questions! Asking is not a sin and any recruiter is happy to answer good questions. That helps both you and recruiter understand if you fit the job.

  3. Do not simply say "Please give more details". The recruiter has 0 idea what do you want to know precisely. Save your and their time.

  4. Google it! If you ask a question about the company/job/country that is easily googlable, that reduces your chances to get the job and you look stupid.

  5. Remove the "My interests", "Hobbies" and "Boobs sizes I like" section from your CV. None of those shows your fit for the project (unless your hobby is brutally murdering people with a sharpened PCI slot metal cover via poking victims exactly the number of times they broke the build. If you do that then please notify beforehand in a written form)

  6. Do write what were your responsibilities at the previous job. Simply listing the technologies is usually not enough. "I did java" What? What freaking java? Coffee, programming, compiled 2 source files, architected super awesome project, or Java is the name of your co-worker you got drunk with on the New Year 2014? Write what you did on your daily job!

  7. For fucks sake, do not write "Good team player" "Can work under pressure" and all that shit, that will only show up during your daily work or face to face interview.

  8. If you are applying for a software engineer position and indicate the whole freaking list of Microsoft Office programs as a skill... Well, I think you got the idea.

I'll fill this up as I encounter/remember new stuff.

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